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Shaklee Love You 1,000 is about supporting moms with holistic approach for the first 1,000 days as she journeys into motherhood. We do this because we believe from pre-conception all the way till the child is 2 years old, the mother’s health and well-being, will directly impact the child’s growth, development and the ability to thrive in the future. When the mother is healthy both physically and mentally, her child will also grow, learn and thrive well.


Nourishment for your body to conceive and prepare for a healthier pregnancy.

Getting Ready Set

Nourishment for both mom and baby for healthier growth and development.

New Beginnings Set

Happy mom = happy child. Caring for two has never been this easy and rewarding!

Joyful Journey Set

Pamper yourself with quality self-care for a happier, healthier you!

Happy Days Ahead Set

Over 100,000 moms reported that Shaklee Love You 1,000 changed their lives.

An Amazing Career Mom’s Life

Enabled by Shaklee, Ismatul Nabila turned her life around from lethargic, overworked mother, to working mother who did it all – single-handedly caring for her children while her husband worked in another state, managing the Shaklee business while keeping her health and energy levels up with Shaklee health supplements. Thanks to Shaklee, she has experienced a healthier and smoother pregnancy journey and beyond. Listen to her inspiring story of how Shaklee has transformed her life for the better. Moms Inspiring Moms!

Career Woman Turned Successful Entrepreneur

Shouldering a hectic workload, Nur Adilah yearned for freedom of time to be with her children and family. When she was introduced to Shaklee Business Opportunity, she grabbed it and earned her first RM500 bonus. Fuelled by passion to create healthier lives, she successfully overcame all challenges and earned her first five-figure income during her first year with Shaklee. Want to be just like her? Find out from this successful mother-cum-entrepreneur. Moms Inspiring Moms!

Passion & Perseverance Lead The Way To Success

Armed with a clear life purpose, Siti Farhana Mohd Pakeh went all out to provide the best for her child and family. The young mother now lives the life that she always dreamed of with an expanding business that she built from the comfort of her home, while watching her child growing up. Be inspired by her journey with Shaklee and how you too, can be like her. Moms, Inspiring Moms.

An Amazing Motherhood Journey

Although this mother of 4 went through painful experience during her first childbirth, it never deter her to continue with her subsequent pregnancies – that was because she found Shaklee products which did wonders for her! From conception to beyond childbirth, she experienced better energy, faster recovery process and smoother breastfeeding, thanks to Shaklee. Most importantly, she gets to breastfeed her children, giving them the best nutrients to grow and thrive in this amazing motherhood journey. Moms Inspiring Moms!

My TTC Journey

It’s every wife’s dream to embrace the journey of motherhood and bring a child into the world. That seemed to be challenging for Athirah and her husband as they were trying to conceive for 3 years. Knowing that they lacked proper nutrition, they supplemented with Shaklee products in addition to adopting a healthier eating habit and exercising regularly. Finally, she realised her life-long dream of being a mother to a healthy child! Discover how they embarked on the Shaklee journey to create a healthier and better life. Moms Inspiring Moms!